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 We believe that everyone needs a personal nutrition plan, especially when insurance deductibles are so high.  A nutrition plan can help us take better care of ourselves so we can prevent health problems.

The conventional way to care for health is to wait for things to go wrong by monitoring for problems and then treating the symptoms.  Before long, one medication becomes two or three and new symptoms develop in other parts of the body so you may be sent to a specialist and may also need to add specialized treatment to your growing list.  Caring for illness becomes a lifestyle management issue, draining people of their energy, time and finances.  Lives start to revolve around treating illness, not living.

A quick evaluation can give you an honest assessment of your own health and tell you the direction you're headed.  Just picture your health and energy level in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years if you make no changes.  If you're on the right path, you'll be moving in the direction of vitality and can enjoy tip-top health.  But if you're like a lot of people, you may predict that your health will spiral out of control.  It may be a good time to make some healthy changes.

People who come to Holistic Nutrition Center turn things around with the foods they're eating.  They take action to prevent health issues from occurring, and also work to switch the direction of 'treatment' to focus on creating wellness.   They learn to manage their diagnosis with diet and lifestyle, so they need less medical care.  They learn which foods are beneficial and what to serve to their families.

By the time they come to Holistic Nutrition Center, most people have tried a number of diets and super foods.  They may have seen a health video, or having a daily kale smoothie, or buying food at the health food store.  These are good for some people, but this isn't personalized nutrition.  These don't focus on your genetics, the pills you take or your metabolism, even though someone may claim this is the key to health.  The only key to health is that it should be about you, and about your unique body, your biochemistry and your personality. The right plan will be unique to you and even 3, 5 and 10 years from now, you will still know how to eat for health, energy, brain focus and vitality.  With the right plan, you won't need any more food gimmicks.

So where do you start?  Meet with a nutritionist.  Some people just need one or two sessions, and they can figure it out from there.  

Other people will want a full nutrition plan comparable to a retirement plan.  They don't want to leave their health to chance, they want vitality, they want it every day and they want it to last.   They prefer a slow and steady approach.   These people see the value in a lifetime of saving, building and preserving health as a lifestyle, with the same commitment and focus they have with their financial retirement plan.  They meet periodically for reviews and revisions.

A personal nutrition plan can get to the foundation of health.  Nutrient problems care more common than most people imagine.  Even the simplest of problems (like eating too fast) can cause symptoms that send people to the doctor.  It may appear to be a medical issue, but it isn't likely that medicine can fix the problem.  Other nutrition issues are complicated, like genetic polymorphisms or micro-biome changes.  A personalized approach to nutrition issues is needed to identify and know how to deal with with both simple and complicated issues that may be affecting your health. 

A nutritional foundation helps you deal with germs, illnesses and stress. A good nutrition plan helps build physiological resilience to support the immediate capacity of your cells, tissues and organs. This metabolic reserve will help you withstand the ongoing changes to your lifestyle.  The nutritionally strong body handles a cold or the flu with a few days rest and some hot soup, while inadequate nutrition may be more likely to need medical management to avert a crisis.

Your answer to better health is to take care of yourself so you need less medical care.  The best way to be healthy is to understand more about our bodies and what makes them work well.  A personalized nutrition plan is the starting place.

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Welcome to Holistic Nutrition Center
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