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 Holistic Nutrition Center helps you choose the right food for your household and then makes it easy to eat right.

We focus on using food to improve health.  We use a 5-Step Personal Nutrition Plan.  The majority of our customers are being treated for chronic health issues.
We have found that when we take time to find the root of health problems, we can also identify what changes need to be made.  Health problems often self-correct when we focus on making the right changes.

We use published research, attend medical conferences and focus on the complicated connections between nutrients and physiology as the basis for our recommendations.  But we break it down into user-friendly information so our customers understand not only what to do but why.  
  • We recommend making a private appointment if you have chronic symptom or have been diagnosed with any illness.  Most treatment plans ignore diet, but diet is often the underlying cause of the problem.  A good nutrition evaluation may find root causes that you can easily correct with a customized nutrition plan.  If the root cause of your diagnosis is gone, the symptoms often go away.   
  • If you'd like a solid understanding of nutrition, we offer a 4-week program covering a wide variety of topics and current events in nutrition.  This program is like taking a college class, we even give homework! Cooking demonstrations are included in the program. 
  • If you don't have health issues but you'd like to cook healthier meals, try our cooking classes.  We cook farm to table, family style. We encourage every family member to learn to cook and we even have classes for preschoolers.

Our concept is to focus on your fuel, making sure you start with the building blocks for good health.  We also want to remove nutritional barriers that may prevent you from having markers of good health - an abundance of energy, sharp mental focus, good quality sleep, great digestion and feeling cheerful.  This probably won't cure your illness but we think that when you start feeling good again, you're more likely to add lifestyle improvements and become more active.  Our clients are often surprised that 'being healthier' becomes a contagious lifestyle.

The people who do best with our programs are those who are tired of treatments that don't help them get better and don't help them feel better.  They are willing to do what it takes to turn the problem around so they can have wellness instead. 

You may think that you have no choice but disease treatment.  Our customers are given a different option - we help find underlying problems and they make a few food swaps to see if their symptoms go away.    We have seen time and time again that eating a customized healthy diet is the way to eat right and it leads to physical and mental improvements.  People feel better, they function better, and their lifestyle improves.  

Wellness begins in the mind 
And your journey starts at the dinner table 

You may not know where to begin.  Come see us.  Our customers have more energy and better sleep so they feel better. They've gotten over the pain from inflammation, because they aren't inflamed anymore.  Digestive complaints have been minimized, concentration has improved and they're feeling better because they're eating the right diet for their unique physiology.  Our expectation is for people to feel better.  

Wellness begins by eating right. That's all.  It's not about fad diets, food marketing schemes, or complicated food calculations that correspond to blood test results. It's about choosing the food your body needs and learning to prepare it so you and your family want to eat it.  It's that simple.

Check out our classes and programs page.

Our care vs disease care
  • Our care for chronic illness - we see people for an average of 3 appointments - just until the customer understands how to continue making improvements working toward their ultimate goal of 'no treatment needed'.  Cost - $350 for a 5-step Personal Nutrition Plan.  The food we use does not usually cost anything more that your normal food budget. (Occasionally we will order lab testing or suggest supplements, otherwise there is no further expense, even with our Type 2 Diabetes protocol.)  Lifestyle revolves around whatever you choose.
  •  Medical care for chronic illness - ongoing treatment is expected, and there is no expectation for recovery or even hope for improvement.  The expectation is that the will continually get worse and require more care. Treatment average per year for Type 2 Diabetes is $13,500. This cost is ongoing for life and does not include the co-conditions that each have their own expensive price tag such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and stoke. Lifestyle revolves around disease treatment.

Learn what changes you can make with food.  The 5 leading causes of death in Ottawa County are largely preventable: Cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and respiratory disease.  If diseases like this run in your family, take action.  Just ask for our 5-step Personal Nutrition Plan.

Note: We don't give medical advice, we work with your doctor.  To this date, all doctors have approved our diet plans and many have encouraged their patients to continue what they're doing because of the good results.   Referrals aren't necessary, just call for an appointment or sign up for a class or program.  

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Welcome to Holistic Nutrition Center
Clinical nutrition at Holistic Nutrition Center
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