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Welcome to Holistic Nutrition Center
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Prevention may seem like something that takes work, but it's a lot easier and cheaper than treating disease.*  Holistic Nutrition Center takes the concept of 'healthy diet' and makes it pretty simple!

We offer hope of better health

We offer hope of better health though fun cooking classes, nutrition programs and clinical appointments to help you feel better by choosing to eat right.  

At Holistic Nutrition Center you'll be working with professionals - nutritionists, nurses and chefs who show you how to use food to help you gain energy, mental focus and better sleep.  This won't cure your illness but when you think more clearly and start feeling like yourself again, you're more likely to choose to add other improvements.  Our clients are often surprised that 'being healthier' becomes a contagious lifestyle.

You may think that you have no choice but a lifestyle revolving around treatments for symptoms and disease.  We don't agree.  We think that eating the right food brings functional signs of whole body improvement.  Making good food should be easy, quick and cost effective.

The first step to changing your body is to change your mind.  You really have a choice: to treat disease or work toward wellness.  If you want to make positive changes to your health, food may be your ticket.  We can show you what to do.  Our focus is the family diet and we believe that the kitchen is where families should get their primary care.

We believe that 'health' requires both knowledge and common sense - so we teach.  Most of us don't have a medical background so we have a nurse explain how the body works. Most of us aren't nutritionists so we have a nutritionist teach you how food affects the body.  Many people have never learned to cook, so we teach.  And we want you to roll up your sleeves and become Top Chef in our kitchen, even if you don't know how to cook.  Informative and fun, and everyone can learn nutrition/health/cooking at Holistic Nutrition Center.

 Wellness begins in the mind 
But the journey starts right at the dinner table. 

You may not know where to begin and may even think that 'health' is no longer possible. But wouldn't it feel better to have more energy? Wouldn't it feel better to not have inflammation?  Wouldn't your symptoms be more tolerable with a decent night of sleep?  What if your athletic performance or concentration at school could improve?  We think that these things are not only possible, these are likely to be your results when you eat the right diet.   

We encourage whole families to eat healthy diets.  We think everyone in the family should learn at least one signature dish.  We have new classes for kids starting at age 3-5 years old!  The right food can be easy and simple enough for a preschooler to prepare.  We think that understanding nutrition topics like food manufacturing, fad diets, marketing schemes, super food claims, will help you make better choices for you and your family.

Wellness begins by eating right. It's not about fad diets, marketing schemes, or food measurements. It's about the food and how you use it.   

Check out our classes and programs page.

* A brief look at just one disease related to diet: The average yearly patient cost for diabetes is $13,500; but a healthy diet may not cost anything extra.  About 40% of Americans age 40-74 are considered pre-diabetic according to the American Diabetic Association, and most don't even know it. That's a lot of people who are eating the wrong diet!  Statistics show that about 1/2 of these people will have full blown diabetes in 10 years. Type 2 diabetes is preventable with diet.   

If diseases like this run in your family, take action and learn what changes you can make.  The 5 leading causes of death in Ottawa County are largely preventable: Cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and respiratory disease. 

Note: We don't give medical advice, we work with your doctor.  To this date, all doctors have approved our diet plans and many have encouraged their patients to continue what they're doing because of the results.   Referrals aren't necessary, just call for an appointment or sign up for a class or program.  

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Welcome to Holistic Nutrition Center
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