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About Us

Our company is based on a core belief that nutrition is the key to controlling our health.  We take a very conservative 'food first' approach and help patients improve overall nutrition.   

Pamela Zinn MS, the owner of Holistic Nutrition Center is a Hope College graduate.  Pam worked as a nurse for 30 years while her children were growing up.  She contracted a 'mystery illness' and was ill for several years, going from doctor to doctor, seeking help.  Being a nurse, she was a perfect patient, trying every medication and treatment prescribed.  Instead of getting better, she kept getting sicker and more drained of physical and mental energy.  She couldn't drive, dialing a telephone was nearly impossible, people finished her sentences, and she was literally frozen in place at times from lack of energy. 

Her husband found a doctor who was interested in nutrition, and from there, things changed.  She learned how to start making dietary changes that gradually restored her energy.  She used nutrients from food for healing.  "I got my life back!" 
Pam gradually gained back her ability to read and to think, and went back to school.  She obtained a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition so she could help other people struggling with health problems.    

Pam's understanding of medicine includes her 30 year experience as a nurse in the medical field, as well as her own experience as a chronically ill patient.  Her formal knowledge of nutrition started with a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She graduated with high honors, taking classes in: antioxidants, enzymes, digestion, weight loss, and heart health for women.  Her thesis topic was "Neurological Manifestations in People with Gluten Sensitivities".  

Since graduating, she has continued seeking answers for why so many people are living with chronic health problems, and how to change their outcome.  Her latest passion is nutrigenomics: the study of how nutrition is involved in gene expression.  She has incorporated this into clinical practice.  

"These are the types of reactions I want to see from food": 
  • normalizing blood sugar and moods
  • improved attention and focus
  • energy, in abundance
  • normalizing cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • improved sleep
  • decreased pain 
  • decrease in digestive  complaints such as bloating or gas
  • normalizing of weight and looking better
  • decreased inflammation
  • emotional balance, cheerful disposition
  • improved skin, hair and nails
  • motivation and willpower

Holistic Nutrition Center
Holistic Nutrition Center was started as a learning facility for those interested in improving their diet.  After several years, Pam found her passion in clinical nutrition.

"There's a strong relationship between a person's food and the way the person feels.   Good health isn't just the luck of the draw, it's about knowing which foods support our individual biochemistry." 

It's important go beyond the concept of 'healthy diet for all' to knowing specific about the nutrition you need personally.  Healthy eating should second nature for you, so you always know what to choose at the grocery store, a restaurant or when traveling.  People who make a commitment to good nutrition have a goal of vitality. Their whole family can benefit. 

What Makes Holistic Nutrition Center Different:
  1. We're not a medical center so we don't diagnose or treat.  We listen and we help you sort out your diet.  
  2. Personalized nutrition is unique to the person, and should complement your family and lifestyle.
  3. We can take nutrition deep to the root of how your body operates, with genetic and metabolic nutritional testing. 
  4. Holistic Nutrition Center isn't a supplement sales facility, but we will recommend nutrients you need and then give you access to professional, higher quality supplements. 
  5. Prevention and wellness are our goals.  You're unique so our nutrition plans are individualized.
  6. We don't often use meal replacement products.  Our clients eat and enjoy real food.
  7. We don't use fad diets. Our clients and their families eat normal real food that can easily be found.  
  8. For all health conditions - we want you to sleep well, have energy, enjoy life and not trade one disease for another because of your diet.   
  9. We don't use words like 'cheat'.  We don't place blame.   We adjust your food plan to work in your favor. 

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