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At Holistic Nutrition Center, our specialty is genetic nutrition.  

We don’t use standardized or fad diets.  We don’t like liquid meals, calorie counting, over-supplementing, nutritional guessing; we want you to have the right nutrition for your body.  Your Holistic Nutrition Center diet is designed to improve vitality.  That's all.  We want your mind and body to perform at peak level.  We keep meals simple and easy so you can get out and enjoy life.

Types of Appointments 

We offer just two plans to make it simple for you to choose what you need.  

  • A Nutrition Consultation
  • A Complete Genetic Plan

Either plan gives you personalized nutrition that is adaptable to family and lifestyle. 

Your first choice at our center is a Nutrition Consultation.  In an appointment, we will evaluate your current diet, supplements, medications, a nutritional health history, etc., and help you make corrections to your own and your family’s diet.  You’ll leave your first appointment with a healthy baseline diet that your whole family can use, plus a few supplement suggestions to optimize health.   To get the most out of this nutrition consultation, we encourage you and your family to follow our recommendations for a month, and then come back for a second appointment.  At that time we can evaluate how well this is working for you, what positive changes and challenges you had over the month.  With this information we'll individualizing your eating plan, focusing on the specific help you need.  
A Nutrition Consultation and follow up is a great way to use food as a tool to manage and improve your health.  When you feel better, you'll start making other lifestyle improvements that have the potential to improve the quality of your life.  If you're healthy when you start with us, we can focus on optimizing your brain, body, or improve sports performance.  

What you'll get out of your time working with Holistic Nutrition Center is directly proportional to the effort you put in, and the level of vitality you're working toward.  

The cost for the Nutrition Consultation and Follow-Up Appointments is per visit.
Initial appointment $150, follow-up appointment $100.  Sorry, we don't take insurance.

Your second choice is a Complete Genetic Nutrition Plan.  
This plan starts with a Nutrition Consultation and follow-up, but it's so much more.  We use lab testing.  We go deep into biochemistry and genetics to see what your body's capable of, what it's actually doing, and then we make a plan. 

We check about 50 genes.   These are genes that require nutritional co-factors like zinc, magnesium or vitamin B6, for them to function.  If these nutrients are in the diet, your genes can use them.  These genes can underly your energy, your mood, your ability to eliminate toxins, hormones, histamines and neurotransmitters.  All of these functions happen because genes and nutrients work together.  The right food is important in gene expression.  

We optimize a person's genetics by using nutrition appropriately.   Some people have  alarming gene patterns, but have no symptoms because their diet is right.  But other people find Holistic Nutrition Center only after running out of treatment options.  Most of the time, a more nutritious diet sparks improvement.  But with a complete genetic plan we can quickly get to the bottom of why there is a problem in the first place.  We don't try to name the problem so we can treat it.  We just feed the genes specifically what they need, so they express differently. Because our genes and nutrition are in all parts of the body, we expect to see whole body improvements. All we have to do is eat right to support biochemistry.  

While most people dabble in fad diets, our customers are using cutting edge science to change their own gene expression.    

Along with a gene test, we use a second lab test to see the flow of your metabolism.  What this means is that we can evaluate the genetic ability of your body to do work making energy, detoxifying, formulating neurotransmitters, making cells, etc.  We can detect and also correct the reasons for fatigue, chemical intolerance and anxiety.  This is not a diagnosis and treatment approach.  Instead, we're looking for the underlying biochemistry and using nutrition to make it work better.  Our customers learn how their own genes work, what nutrients they need.  They take epigenetic control of their genes.  

Our patients focus on feeling good, and set high goals for vitality.  They use nutrition to build and accumulate an abundance of energy, sharp brain focus, refreshed sleep, cheerfulness, etc.   

For the nutritionist, the Genetic Nutrition Plan is extremely labor-intensive.  The process involves sorting through all of your unique variables including lab reports, your medications, symptoms, your digestion and food reactions, lifestyle, mold exposure, and the list goes on.  I charge for 10 hours of my time, but it often takes longer.  Appointments are included in the Complete Genetic Plan. We use two lab tests.

So, if you had personal genetic information, and you could learn to use nutrition to optimize your body and mind to enjoy lasting improvements, what would you want to change?   If you're goal oriented and like to have a plan to achieve your goal, you're a good fit for our Complete Genetic Plan. 

Complete Genetic Plan $1000 (nutritionist fee)
Genetic Test $199 (23 and Me: available online)
Organic Acid Test $299 or $399 (We order this for you)
Sorry, we don't take insurance.

If you'd like to make an appointment, please used the Booked-In calendar on the first page of this website.  

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