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Healthy Happy 2016

Wishing you a great start to 2016!
Here are two nutrition tips from Holistic Nutrition Center to consider as you begin your healthy new year:
1.    Minerals: are a requirement from your diet.   They work with your DNA metabolism and need to be in a state of balance for proper function.   You take them in from food and eliminate them through body fluids such as sweat, urine or diarrhea.   Excess fluids leaving the body can flush minerals out.  So health-promoting fitness programs that leave you drenched, like hot yoga, for example, can produce unintentional mineral deficiencies or imbalances.

A4M Conference Notes

I just returned from the 23rd annual World Conference of the American Academy of Anti-Aging in Las Vegas.

The keynote speakers were excellent.  They demonstrated innovative ways to run a patient-centered practice.  There was the very entertaining Dr. Zubin Damania who has a clinic called Turntable Health right in Las Vegas.  You may have seen him on Youtube as ZDoggMD.  Another was Dr. Daniel Kraft who showed us the possibilities for medicine to integrate technologies with fields outside of medicine.

New DNA Nutrition Testing

New DNA Nutrition Testing
We have a new test that I’m really excited about.  It’s a DNA cheek swab that tests the function of over 1000 genes.
Most people don’t realize that nutrients from food are just raw materials.  Everything our bodies need, every tissue of the body, and every metabolic function is based on nutrition.  There is mounting evidence that underlying health problems can be traced to genetics and nutrition.
This genetic test offers customers a new perspective on their health.

Labs, Genetics and Microbiology Improve the Field of Nutrition

How Lab Testing, Genetics, and Microbiology Improves the Field of Nutrition
The human body is as unique inside as it is outside.  Just as you wouldn’t expect everyone to wear size 7 shoes, you also shouldn’t expect everyone to benefit from the same diet.  At minimum, the right diet includes age, health, activity level and gender.   But that’s just a start.  Personalized nutrition can go farther to identify, fix and improve body function.  With tools like lab testing, genetics and microbiology, it means that nutrition improvements are more precise.

Supplement Formulated by a Neurologist

I just came across a supplement that’s described as a memory solution, developed by a neurologist.  It claims to prevent fuzzy thinking and forgetfulness and protect against oxidative damage.  It also claims to promote improvement in cognitive function, protect the brain, and to demonstrate antioxidant activity.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?
There are a few problems with this product that are related to nutrition.
·      There are two ingredients in the product that inhibit, and another to boost folate metabolism.

Diabetes Summit

Holistic Nutrition Center – Hey diabetics, pre-diabetics and people who wish to prevent diabetes.  The updated diabetic diet looks healthy on first glance, but it may not be.  The expectation for diabetics is still to be ‘customers for life’, on a pathway can lead to blindness, kidney failure and amputation.   The new diet doesn’t change this standard of care or the imposition this disease will have on your lifestyle and pocketbook.
There’s a different path, but you have to be a bit of a rebel to walk it.

The Nutrition Matrix

The Nutrition Matrix

Food = slow poison or good medicine  
Wellness Foundation = personalized nutrition matrix

Health is the result of a complex body that works right.  A nutritional matrix is the connection of all parts and all body systems in a unique person.  Your body, your health, your emotions – these make you an individual.  

To find your unique matrix, we start with basic human nutrition requirements.  The right nutrients help your body work right, the way it’s supposed to, so you have an abundance of energy and sharp brain focus.

Bladder Leakage and Inflammation

Bladder Leakage and Inflammation
The ads on TV for adult diapers drive me crazy.  No, it’s not okay to just treat the problem by wearing something to collect your urine when you accidently wet your pants.  I suspect that most people have correctable underlying problems that can be explained with physiology.
When you know what the body is supposed to do, even if you only understand a few of the basic principles, you can take corrective action. If you can fix the problem, you may not need diapers anymore.

Ditch the Junk, Eat Veggies

Ditch the junk, get healthy

How many times have people said that Holistic Nutrition Center should have a blog?  I never thought there was enough time.

I like to help people eat better and some folks just need a little motivation.  A blog may help.  Let me know.  

I think everyone should ditch the junk.  Your body needs real food - that's the simple truth.  So eat your veggies.  

The complicated truth is that people are really sick.  Over 50 million people are suffering from autoimmune diseases, 1 out of every 3 women can expect a diagnosis of cancer in her lifetime, most deaths are caused from heart disease.
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