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The Nutrition Matrix

The Nutrition Matrix

Food = slow poison or good medicine  
Wellness Foundation = personalized nutrition matrix

Health is the result of a complex body that works right.  A nutritional matrix is the connection of all parts and all body systems in a unique person.  Your body, your health, your emotions – these make you an individual.  

To find your unique matrix, we start with basic human nutrition requirements.  The right nutrients help your body work right, the way it’s supposed to, so you have an abundance of energy and sharp brain focus.  Your cells and tissues and organs all need to do what they’re supposed to do, or you're likely to not feel well.  Health comes from having the basic nutrients in the right balance.

But the question of 'what to eat' isn't that easy.  Eating nutritious foods is a good start.  But your physiology needs to be working right so you can utilize the nutrients.  Nutrition gets complicated.  Your digestive system and the microbes that live there need to break the food down.  Your enzymes, immune system, circulation and DNA need to work right, with your food.  Your metabolism is the result of electrical energy from ions and chemical energy from hormones and the mitochondrial exchange of nutrients.  Knowing what to eat is both simple, 'eat good food' and complicated, 'support your personal physiology and biochemistry', so it helps to have a personalized plan.     

What’s right for you doesn’t simply come from a one-size-fits-all diet approach.  You have significant uniqueness, so your food choices need individualization.  Navigating your personal nutrition matrix can open possibilities for changes to the way you feel.  Fixing underlying nutrition problems offer a potential for significant health improvement. 
•   You get bloated when you eat salad, but most diet protocols proclaim ‘salad is good for you’.  You feel awful from eating salad.  Matrix part one – Identify which ingredients in the salad bother you, with food sensitivity testing.  Romaine lettuce, identified with an IgG immune reaction is the culprit, but other types of lettuce are okay and cause no reaction.  By simply avoiding the Romaine, you avoid the bloating and eat can salad and get the benefit of the nutrients.  With bloating gone, digestive medication is no longer needed. 
•    Your mind is racing when you need to fall sleep.  But a nutritionist analyzing your diet diary suspects that your afternoon cheese and crackers may be to blame, so you switch to a different snack.  Your mind appropriately turns off so you can get to sleep.  Medications potentially avoided: for sleep and the diagnosis of anxiety. After a good night of sleep, morning caffeine and other stimulants aren't needed.  Matrix part two.  
•    Your blood sugar may be slightly elevated, putting you in the range of being pre-diabetic.  You learned to eat 'healthy' from your weight loss program, but the diet keeps your blood sugar chronically high.  Part three of your matrix: change your overall blood sugar ratio by choosing foods that are more appropriate to your needs, so your blood sugar returns and stays in a normal range.  Benefit: you don’t need to become a customer of the diabetic industry, and you don’t have to fear the complications of diabetes.   

The healthy diet standard that works for everyone else may not work for you because you're unique.  These are just three examples of how navigating your matrix and personalizing your nutrition can improve your overall health.  Imagine the benefit of knowing what to eat instead of following generic diet programs and needing to manage symptoms with prescriptions.  Imagine a lifestyle of health.  That’s personalized nutrition and the nutrition matrix.

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Navigating your personal nutrition matrix can open possibilities for changes to the way you feel.
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Your cells and tissues and organs all need to do what they’re supposed to do, or you're likely to not feel well.
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